10 Cheap Home Improvements That Can Dramatically Raise Your Sale Price

So the economy still stinks, but it's time to sell your home.

Perhaps you've already lost out on your initial property investment — the average price of American homes hasn't dropped like this since the Great Depression — and now you're low on cash to spruce up the place. 

No worries.  Just follow these ten easy tips for sprucing up your property and getting a higher sale price.

#1 Get rid of your junk!


The old saying that "one man's junk is another man's treasure" is definitely NOT the case when you're trying to sell your pad. Cluttered counters, floors or even closets can be distracting and a real turn-off for buyers.

"I think people can get rid of up to 50 percent of their stuff," says Corcoran salesperson Lucy Perry. "If you have a bunch of books, put three-fourths of them in storage or somewhere else."

She said people want to imagine themselves in the space they're looking to buy and that's easier if the space looks less lived-in and personal.

"When they see a really neat home, they think, 'I'm gonna live here and I'm gonna be really neat too," said Perry.

A less cluttered space will also make the space look bigger. So put away those toys, shoes, clothes, and photos. Your junk isn't the buyer's treasure — it's just junk. 

# 2 Do a deep clean