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Creating a Kitchen That is Timeless and Functional

by Desi Sowers

Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but you’re not sure where to start?  Kitchens are important to resale value, so if you’re going to invest money in a remodel, you want to be sure that you end up with a kitchen that will stand the test of time.  So, instead of following fads that are currently popular, stick with classic features that will not only bring you joy, but will entice buyers should you ever sell your home.  Here are some tips for creating a kitchen that is timeless and functional:

  1. Brighten up your kitchen using white as the dominant color. White is the most marketable color and never goes out of style. It is associated with happiness and new beginnings.  It makes small spaces look bigger.  And best of all, it’s easy on the budget due to its availability.
  2. Install hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are popular among buyers.  Hardwood adds warmth and coziness to a home.  It’s great for open floor plans because it flows beautifully from one room to another. It’s durable and long-lasting. And if “going green” is important to you, hardwood is echo friendly.  It’s considered a “green” building material when it has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and comes from sustainably managed forests.
  3. Choose cabinets that have clean lines, like Shaker style cabinets.  The clean lines of these cabinets will be in style forever. Their beauty is in their simplicity.  They help limit the “busyness” of the kitchen, creating a soothing, peaceful vibe.  They also transition easily should the next homeowner want a change of style.  Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, these cabinets will work for both.
  4. Go with marble countertops; specifically, Carrara Marble.  Carrara marble has been used in homes for centuries.  It looks fantastic in a white kitchen, but also with other colors. It’s affordable and readily available and will last for generations.  You will find some critics who will tell you that it stains easily, but that can be avoided with proper sealing. If you want a truly timeless look, Carrara marble is the way to go.
  5. Include smart storage.  If you currently store many of your kitchen supplies in other areas of the home due to lack of storage space, now is the time to change that!  Cabinets that are being made today feature a plethora of storage options including shelves and compartments that unfold, extend, slide and turn.  Have fun and be creative when designing kitchen storage

You will love your new kitchen and future potential buyers will find it irresistible!



Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you love the idea of living in a home with an interesting history, you should consider buying…a church?  Yes!  Churches provide great spaces for home-conversion buffs, and luckily, there are an abundance of properties available that once were home to congregations. Stained glass windows, soaring ceilings and lavish open floor plans appeal to those looking for an unconventional living space.  Check out these church-to-home conversions:

Church of Living - This church’s architectural details, such as high ceilings and stained glass windows, have remained while a modern interior style was created featuring a white color scheme and wood flooring.  Note the preserved organ and large cross above the entrance.


St. Jakobus Church - This abandoned church built in the gothic style was transformed into a modern home while preserving historical details.

Church in South Australia - This charming 1850s church was transformed into a contemporary dwelling with three bedrooms, kitchen/living/dining area, theatre room, patio and garden. It features tile flooring and built in lighting.


San Francisco Church - Built in 1909, this church overlooks Mission Dolores Park. It has been revamped into a luxurious residence with wood ceiling décor and exposed brick walls.


Churches converted into homes offer unique, spacious and appealing dwellings.  This amazing renovation is available in Christiansburg VA right now:

 Contact Desi Sowers for a tour today!




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