Encouraging News about the Real Estate Market



It is about time!  Finally, I am seeing numerous, positive posts about the real estate market!  This is B-I-G news!  December 2011 sales were up nationwide!  I can personally vouch for January 2012 sales in the New River Valley market too.  The outlook is much brighter. Our market is improving and interest rates are unbelievable. How does 3.25% for a 15 year mortgage sound?  Yes, I am pinching myself to see if it is a dream… “ouch!” I can tell you that it is not a dream. Lower than ever mortgage rates are here.  

Click here for a copy of the Virginia Association of Realtors® Fourth Quarter Sales Report http://varealtor.com/news/2012/01/q4-2011-home-sales-steady-as-she-goes.

I am happy to quote the President of VAR, Trish Szego below:

“We are encouraged by the overall numbers shown in the fourth quarter. The pace of home sales is picking up and without artificial stimulus proving that people are taking advantage of low interest rates and low home prices. This upcoming year is an optimistic one for real estate; one in which we hope to see stronger signs of recovery and stabilization,”

Are you trying to make a decision about buying or selling real estate this year?  Let me provide you with real estate sales statistics that help you make the best decision for you and your family.