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If you want the best price for your house, you may have to do some repairs before selling it. Potential buyers will be willing to spend more for a home that doesn’t need a lot of work. Here are 5 important things to fix before selling:

- Exterior - When was the last time the exterior of your house was painted? Is the paint faded and chipping? Is wood rotting around the windows? Is your front door dingy? First Impressions matter when it comes to selling your home and buyers will get their first impression when they see the outside of your house whether in pictures or in person. Don’t forget the landscaping. A well-kept lawn and simple, but clean flower beds will go a long way toward creating an enticing aesthetic for your property.

- Interior Paint - If the walls are looking a bit shabby and the trim a bit grimy, painting is a quick and easy fix. The same applies if you went through a crazy color phase a few years back and decorated with hues that might not appeal to everyone. Choose neutral colors that will allow buyers to focus on the spaces without being distracted. Behr's Paint Color of the Year 2018

- Kitchen - The kitchen is one of the most important rooms that buyers focus on when looking at a house. So, if yours is looking run-down you will want to update it. It will be worth the investment to replace appliances that are on their last legs or putting in a new granite counter. Or it might be as simple as repainting cabinets and adding shiny, new handles.

- Bathroom - Nothing turns buyers off faster than an unsightly bathroom. Sparkling, clean fixtures and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way toward impressing someone searching for their dream home. Inexpensive touches like a decorative mirror or a lovely picture on the wall will add to the ambiance without breaking the bank.

- Flooring - If your carpets are stained or thread bare, it is worth your while to replace them. Otherwise, buyers may ask for a carpet allowance when they make an offer on your house. The same applies if your vinyl floors are in bad shape. Hardwoods are always popular, but you may want to consider getting them refinished if they are looking old and scruffy.

It may seem counter intuitive to spend money on repairing or fixing up a house you are getting ready to sell, but at the end of the day, it will not only help you sell your house faster, but you will get a better price for it too.

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