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Time to Buy a Home NOW

Buy A Home Now!

You have watched Clark Howard on HLN or you may have listened to his nationally syndicated radio show devoted to helping consumers make smart decisions. I have taken advantage of many of his consumer tips.  Yesterday, Clark Howard said that now is the time to buy a home if you are renting. Here is the video clip link:

Renters: Time for you to buy that house?

Nationwide, renters are paying higher rents so before you renew your lease give me a call. I can advise you to consider negotiating a new lease that allows you to provide sixty day notice when you are ready to buy a home. The normal home purchase takes approximately sixty days. Also, if your landlord allows you to sublet your lease spring and summer are the best times to find someone to take over your lease. Before you sublet, I would like to talk to you about subletting and suggest that after you find a suitable tenant, you ask to be released from your lease.

A good Realtor® can give you advice that saves you money and stress! Call me I will be glad to help you negotiate favorable terms to enable you to buy a home.

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