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What is the “ideal” kitchen?  According to a recent study, many consumers describe it as open, warm, comfortable, organized, family-oriented, bright, happy and homey.  The most-wanted appliance upgrade in a kitchen is a cooktop with a built-in grill, wok, griddle or rotisserie attachment.  Other desired amenities include commercial-grade appliances, a large dishwasher to accommodate larger dishes, and a double oven.  A kitchen island with a cooktop stove is another popular amenity for many homeowners.

Men and women have different opinions about the ideal kitchen.  Men tend to view appliance purchases as status symbols, while women often see them as strictly functional pieces.  Cutting-edge technologies, such as TV screens built into appliances, also appeal more to men than to women.  When asked which single item they would be willing to splurge on if they were remodeling their kitchen, consumers named cabinets as their top choice, followed by range/oven/cooktop, countertops, refrigerator, a kitchen island and flooring.

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