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Timeline for Selling Your New River Valley Home

Selling your home is a big step, and one of the most important things you can do is be prepared! Whether you're trying to sell before a certain date or just want to create your own itinerary, knowing the timeline for selling can help you stay a step ahead of the game. Check out a quick outline of what the home selling process will likely look like for you, and give me a call if you have any questions!

Before Listing Your Home in New River Valley, VA

In the early stages of listing your home, before you even put it on the market, there are a few key things you should get done.

2+ Months Out

Find an Experienced New River Valley Agent

Oftentimes, working with the right agent is the key to a successful and stress-free selling experience. Not only can an agent offer you valuable resources and references to local contacts, but they can also answer all of your questions along the way.

Find out more about my qualifications and experience!

6 - 8 Weeks Out

Consider Repairs and Improvements

Your real estate agent will do a thorough walkthrough of your home, recommending any value-boosting improvements that you can make before listing. Additionally, you should check off any unfinished or necessary maintenance projects so they don't cause issues during the inspection process. 

A few value-boosting home improvements include things like painting your home, refinishing hardwood floors, fixing or replacing your roof or siding, installing a new garage door or front door, maintaining your landscapes and garden, replacing outdated fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom, painting or refinishing your cabinets, and more.

4 - 8 Weeks Out

Set the Price Right

One of the biggest mistakes you make when selling your home? Not pricing it right. Luckily, I can help out with that. Request a neighborhood sold report, and I'll let you know what homes in your neighborhood have sold for. Then, request a complimentary home evaluation, and I'll crunch the numbers and research trends to find the right listing price.

1 - 4 Weeks Out

Prep Your Home

If you haven't started yet, you should begin the process of decluttering and downsizing some of the rooms in your home. Just take it slow, working room-by-room, and you'll finish it up in no time! 

Once that's taken care of, work with your agent to stage your home for buyers. A good home staging can go a long way during the sales process—even snagging you a higher price under the right conditions.

Lastly, take professional photographs that highlight your home's best features. Your agent can use these to market your home and impress potential buyers. 

The Selling Process Of Your New River Valley, VA Home

Now that the prep work is done, you can start in on the main course of selling! 

Market Your Home

Finding the right buyers is all about making sure as many buyers as possible see your home. If you work with a skilled agent, then they'll also be a skilled marketer. Social media platforms, MLS database, websites, local media, professional contacts—every buyer in the area should know about your home!

Show Your Home

Buyers won't just be touring your home during open houses—they'll also be coming around for private showings. You should make sure your home is ready for buyers at any minutes (within reason) so keeps things clean, tidy, and as staged as possible. 

Negotiate & Accept

If a buyer wants to buy your home, they will make you a written offer, which usually states how much they'll pay, their mortgage amount, closing and occupancy dates, and any contingencies. If the offer looks good, you can accept. If not, you can negotiate.

Negotiations can include your own contingencies, such as a first right of refusal if your buyer's offer is reliant on selling their home, making the offer contingent on you buying another home, or adding contingencies for closing or buyer financing.

Closing the Sale Of Your New River Valley Home

The negotiations are over, the offer has been accepted, and it's almost time to close on your sale. But before you sign those papers, you'll need to check these things off of your to-do list. 

Sign a Purchase Agreement

Once you and the buyer agree on an offer, you will both sign a legal contract called a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This outlines things like the specific terms, conditions, and any agreed upon contingencies of the sale.

Cooperate with Inspections

Next, the buyer will likely hire an inspector to comb through the house and find any issues or repairs that need to be addressed. Every corner and crevice of the house will be examined, an if anything pops up, you'll have to negotiate on repairs with the buyer.

Enter Escrow

Next, you will enter escrow. During this time, you and your agent will work with an escrow company to finish up any paperwork and make sure that all parts of your contract are fulfilled.

Sign, Pay, and Finalize!

You and the buyer will settle on a closing date, and meet with your agents, lawyers, and any other necessary parties. At this point, you'll hand over your keys and property title, and you'll also receive a check for the remaining balance after the your mortgage has been fully paid to your bank. Congrats - your home is sold!

Ready to Start Selling Your Home in New River Valley?

The first step is to contact me! From helping out with home staging and professional photographs to navigating tricky negotiations and confusing closing paperwork, I'm here to be your home selling guide. Give me a call today to learn a little more about what I have to offer, and let me know if you have any questions at all along the way!

Not quite ready to sell? No problem! I'm happy to offer a variety of resources to help you learn more about the selling process and make a final decision.

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